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Technical Expertise with Business Innovation

As manufacturing solution provider QPS brings together professional and technical expertise with sound business innovation to produce products and services of consistently high quality.

Contract Blending of Raw Materials by QPS.

Contract Blending of Raw Materials

Contract blending of raw materials to specific formulas and to customer requirements.

Contract Filling of Containers by QPS.

Contract Filling of Containers

Contract filling of containers with blended or supplied products.

Packing, Storage and Transportation by QPS.

Packing, Storage and Transportation

QPS Offers an intergrated 3PL Solution for all your storage and Freight requirements.

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Contact us for contract packaging services across filling,
packing, labelling, storage and transportation.
+61 (3) 9310 1699

Experience With All Sort Of Products

We have over 40 years of experience in processing a wide variety of products, including liquids, powders, pastes, greases, and oils.

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