Packing Liquids, Powders & Oils
in Sunshine

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Packing Liquids, Powders & Oils in Sunshine

Premium Packaging & Labelling Manufacturer

QPS package Oil for the automotive industry.


QPS package Greases for the autmotive industry.


QPS package Coolants for the automotive industry


QPS packge Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

QPS complete automotive fluids for a number of industries.

Automotive Fluids

QPS complete Contract Packaging for a number of industries.

Contract Packaging

QPS complete Contract Blending for a wide range of industries.

Contract Blending

QPS complete Labelling, Storage and Transport for a range of industries

Labelling, Storage and Transport

End to End Services in
Contract Packaging

Quality Packaging Services (QPS) has grown to become the premium contract manufacturer to the Australian Automotive industry.

QPS handles a diverse range of products for the Australian and overseas market.

In all aspects of procurement, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, storage and logistics, we build strong relationships with our customers to tailor cost-effective solutions that meet their particular needs. This is what makes QPS known for our consistency, efficiency, reliability, flexibility and confidentiality of our service.

QPS maintains a high degree of compliance to all safety standards and industry regulations, and is conscientiously proactive in its environmental responsibilities for all stakeholders, for today and tomorrow. The company is committed to continuous improvement in all areas to ensure a value-added experience for both customers and staff.

Our services range from blending and filling of products according to clients’ specific requirements, as well as packing, packaging, labelling, and storage and transport logistics.

  • Blending of raw materials
  • Filling of containers with blended or supplied products
  • Packaging and labelling of products and containers
  • Storage and transportation
QPS has Contract Packaging Services
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