Toll Blending ! Contract Filling | Contract Packaging (QPS)

Toll Blending

QPS can blend base or raw materials to your formula, including powders, liquides, concentrates etc., In 200 - 30,000 litres batch quantities.

Types of Products

We have had years of experience in packing and packaging all sort of products, such as 

  • Liquids,
  • powders,
  • pastes,
  • greases,
  • oils

Contract Packaging - Contract Packer

  • Sizes of product containers can vary from 5ml to 200 litre containers.
  • Job run quantities often vary from from 1000 units TO 100,000 units
  • We can source containers for you, or you can supply your own Tubes, tubs, bottles, bins, etc


We are set up to for Online and manual labelling of all sizes.

Labels can be

  • printed by us, to your requirements
  • Printed over pre-printed label rolls, regardless of source
  • simply applied, with or without batch number printing on the containers.


Our facilities have the capacity, specialised equipment and computerised systems to fully manage inventory, storage and transportation of our customers products.

If desired we can deliver directly to our customers clients to maximise their supply chain efficiency from concept to delivery.


Smart and cost effective solutions for the design of filling and packaging machinery lines, especially for our international customers, has been a key feature of QPS capabilities for over 15 years.
Coupled with a custom built and maintained ERP software solution, QPS is extremely well positioned to handle and/or adjust to your requirements.
We are our Customer's Manufacturing Arm!
Quality Packaging Services factory floor
Quality Packaging Services tank filling
Quality Packaging Services tube/cartridge filling


Contract Manufacturer

Contract Packaging

Contract Filling

Toll Blending

Toll Manufacturer



Refer also to the Group's Contract Manufacturing / Toll manufacturing and Repacking activities.

The manufacturing arm of our customers

QPS has plants in both Melbourne and Sydney, servicing customer throughout Australia and New Zealand.

ISO 9001


Since 1997

Quality Packaging Services is ISO9001 Accredited through Lloyds (LRQA)

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